Gaetano Spadaro has recently replaced his ancient passion for car rallies with oil grower certificates and diplomas.
Roman by birth but now steadily living in Lucca, Gaetano Spadaro has exchanged racing-track dust and revved-up engine roar for the quiet of the countryside and the mild but intense colours of the Tuscan hills.
Every time in life has its own resources, chances and possibilities. And, correspondingly, every  season  brings with it its  own
colours, scents and miracles of the countryside of Lucca.
As long as every day is fully lived as a surprise, an amazing gift.
Gaetano Spadaro has taken up this ancient philosophy, which now leads him to a peaceful resort he has called "Granducato di Lucca" (“Grand Duchy of Lucca”) and is now offered to his guests coming for a relaxing break.